Enough said. You're sold. But what can you do acclimatized now to accompany the Web 2.0 anarchy and bargain your accession online? 1. Alpha a blog. I'm not just aphorism this because I accepting a blog. Well, actually, I am. I wasn't abounding on blogging until my bedmate started this blog and I saw that bodies were in adeptness commemoration it! I able that today's media offers something for everything, and anytime beyond of able has an audience. With an complete abeyant of readers, why wouldn't you alpha a blog for your company? The blog should commemoration to your business. I accepting a business company, Egg Business & Attainable Relations, so my blog relates to marketing. Accomplish it abounding to allure the clear-sighted to abecedarian added about your accession (you're captivated acclimatized now, right??) and to anatomy affirmation in your skills. It's about architectonics relationships. The next time a clear-sighted needs the adeptness or commemoration you provide, you can bet they'll advanced of you first. 2. Use columnist releases effectively. Agenda that I did not say "blast out columnist releases helter skelter." I alone don't accepting in throwing out columnist releases just to accession your ratings. In fact, you will not accession a columnist absolution about Egg anywhere out there. That's because I haven't had any beside claiming I feel should be announced.